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"Gumby's" Custom Catering

Ph: (502) 693-1166 * [email protected]



Also, here are some suggested HOLIDAY MENUS for your consideration...lots of other options are available, of course!!


Whether you need Breakfasts, Lunch Boxes, cold or hot Buffets, drop-off, or full, on-site service, we can provide catering for your business and corporate events, family gatherings, showers, weddings, receptions, Funerals & Wakes, Pharmaceutical Representative meals, Financial Seminars, etc.

  • Does your Company honour your employees' efforts and dedication at a weekly, monthly, or yearly luncheon or dinner? (A really great benefit at little cost to you!)
  • Does your Club or Organization have a special event to recognize outstanding deeds, achievements or goals?  

  • Does your Bowling Team, Sports, or Scout group have an annual Awards banquet? 

  • Do you need to have only some of your event catered (the entree, or dessert, etc.), or just need service (servers, bartenders, etc.)?
  • Do you need family meals prepared for the week so you don't have to worry about shopping or cooking?

If so, consider the following menu ideas for just such needs:

~ entree caesar salad, Tuscan-roasted chicken, freshly-steamed asparagus

~ home made meatloaf, real mashed potatoes and beef gravy, seasoned green beans

~pot pie - chunky chicken & vegetables in flaky home made crust, served with crisp garden greens salad

 ~ pulled pork with our signature bourbon bbq sauce with home baked rolls, creamy cole slaw, and corn pudding

~ oven-roasted boneless chicken breast, roasted rosemary red potatoes, and fresh vegetable medley   

~ salmon croquettes, buttered peas, 3-cheese pasta

 ......and don't forget to ask about our Fabulous Desserts!

Lemon Creme Crumb Bars:

Homemade Lemon Creme Crumb Bars

Gourmet Mini Desserts:

Gourmet Mini Desserts:

 ......ooooooh, and so many more! Just let us know your party details, and we'll design a perfectly

sweet ending to your meal!

Many more options are available to make your meal ordering easier! Let us help you enjoy your event without all the work. Call or email for menu ideas specifically for your needs, or download these menus for other ideas:

Black Forest Trifle:


(The wedding reception pictured above was held at Kaden Tower!

Call Natalie at 502-456-1999, Ext. 100 for rental info.)

Bringing over 30 years of experience in the Full-Service Catering industry, we are proud to offer services at many venues in the Kentuckiana area. Let us work with you to design the perfect event at the perfect place.We are happy to suggest some hidden treasures in Louisville which will make your event truly unique! Contact us for your personal consultation. We can make arrangements for venues for business, private meetings, family gatherings, and more.

The Beautiful TWAY HOUSE in Jeffersontown.

Call Debbie at 502-267-8333 for rental details.

Try us and see for yourself what sets us apart from all others:

  • Affordable! We know you don't want to waste good money on bad food!
  • We hand-slice our own fresh, oven roasted meats – never processed or pressed deli meats. All sandwiches are served on freshly baked breads.
  • We make our own salad dressings, spreads, soups, sides, and sauces—all from scratch!
  • We use only the freshest produce available including dark greens for our salads, wraps, and sandwiches.
  • We welcome special requests and can easily accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions...Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, etc.
  • We pride ourselves on old-fashioned, personalized service. We want to get to know you, your company, and how to best meet your needs while staying within your budget.

(Scroll down to see more real photos of our foods!) 

Remember, we will design your foods, goods, & services to meet YOUR needs!

Vegetarian Pinwheels

Gazpacho Shots 

Mini Stuffed Baked Red Potatoes

Caprese Crostinis

Derby Brunch